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Scotty Dog – KidsART August 24 – 28

Introduction to the idea of lines as edges, and oil pastel technique with mixing & blending. Students use a photo of a scotty dog bas-relief sculpture for reference, but it’s turned upside down. This allows it to be drawn more accurately because it’s hard for the mind to interpret. Instead of using known assumptions about what you’re seeing, your eyes have to look more closely.

Lessons > Grades 3 - 5


Lessons > Grades 6 - 12


Many Minis – Foundations+ September 14 – 18

Oct 8 - 12 • Students will work on a series of very small works each using different combinations of media. There is opportunity for lots of freedom and self-expression, and artists learn to focus on one work at a time while doing many. The small size and having several works in a row, takes the pressure off of each work, so students really enjoy themselves and create some fantastic work as a result.

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