You’re Going To Learn The Most Effective Art Teaching Methods

Being an artist is not required

A complete course by Dennas Davis, illustrator of the original Beginner’s Bible and Betty Crocker Kids Cook, and founder of Firstlight Art Academy in Nashville.

Dennas shows every parent how to lead and guide anyone through art lessons. Turns out, the most important things you need, are how to facilitate learning, and how to encourage.


“Most art lessons are only about art projects. Ours are also about building self-confidence. It’s the most important thing an artist needs.”

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1. Art Teaching Foundations >

2. Ten Characteristics Of Great Teaching >

3. Teaching How To Draw Accurately >

4. Teaching How To Paint Joyfully >

5. Color Is A Language >

6. Style Comes From The Heart >

7. Mentoring And Parenting Your Artist >

8. The World Needs Happy Artists >