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All About Our Supplies

Here’s a post in our EXTRAS section that goes through our entire recommended supply list, including a detailed explaination of each of our 10 pigments of acrylic paints. There’s even a printable pigment list PDF for you.

Easily teach art, even if you’re not an artist.

Homeschooling Art is designed to help you encourage, nurture, challenge, and delight your creative children at home. Kids of all ages and abilities are able to understand real art concepts and techniques. Why? Because we rewrote the book on art. 

We took the complex and made it simple. We took the abstract ideas and made them concrete. We took the mysteries of art and made it clearly understandable.

Here are samples of our 3 lesson levels and the Teacher Boost mini magazine.

Take some time to see what you can get. Enjoy!

Scotty Dog – KidsART August 24 – 28

Scotty Dog – KidsART August 24 – 28

Introduction to the idea of lines as edges, and oil pastel technique with mixing & blending. Students use a photo of a scotty dog bas-relief sculpture for reference, but it’s turned upside down. This allows it to be drawn more accurately because it’s hard for the mind to interpret. Instead of using known assumptions about what you’re seeing, your eyes have to look more closely.

Many Minis – Foundations+ September 14 – 18

Many Minis – Foundations+ September 14 – 18

Oct 8 – 12 • Students will work on a series of very small works each using different combinations of media. There is opportunity for lots of freedom and self-expression, and artists learn to focus on one work at a time while doing many. The small size and having several works in a row, takes the pressure off of each work, so students really enjoy themselves and create some fantastic work as a result.

Homeschooling art lessons are hand-crafted by the folks at The Art Instructor
Like a three-legged stool, our art curriculum has been built as a complete foundation for students, using three deeply connected principles. Each lesson gives you an idea where the focus is by dividing the lesson into percentages:



Connect the Mind

This lesson provides understanding



Connect the Hand

This lesson shows application and movement



Connect the Heart

This lesson is about fun and self-expression

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Special Membership Coming Soon!

We gave away Homeschooling Art Memberships for the Spring and Summer due to the health crisis lockdowns. Stay tuned for our new membership coming in September.

Ok, I guess this is even more awesome. Get a whole year of curriculum and save 36% off the regular price ($298). If you use the lessons, but cancel within the first 30 days, we’ll give you all your money back. It’s my personal guarantee that you’ll be happy no matter what.

“The Art Instructor lessons took more than half my prep time away. There is peace of mind that all the details have been thought about and I can just do what I love to do the most, teach!”
Lauren Reese
Elementary Art Teacher

What Some Lesson
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You get some
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You get some
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Working to make teaching art more rewarding for homeschooling families.