Does your child love art?

No matter where they are on their artistic journey, every young artist hits road blocks.
They become frustrated.

“How do I make this look right?” 

“I can’t mix this color!” 

“I don’t like my work.”

This is perfectly normal!
Which means artists need knowledge.

Homeschooling Art’s comprehensive curriculum is designed just for kids – to help young artists overcome every obstacle imaginable, including self-image.

Your child can become the artist they dream about.

Get started today, and you’ll see your young artist full of confidence – and joy.

Because the world needs happy artists!

Dennas Davis

Illustrator of the original Beginner’s Bible
Founder, Firstlight Art Academy in Nashville
Founder of Homeschooling Art

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Why am I setting the price so low right now?

Well, I figure I could spend a lot of money on advertising, or I could lower the price and let my founders become ambassadors for the curriculum. You will be so much better than any ad could be! Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Your Journey with Homeschooling Art can begin today. You’ll see your young artist full of confidence and joy.


72 Weekly Lessons
7 Stages of development

Artists get A complete Foundation, using the
4 cornerstones of art.

1. ART START – Wherever you begin on the curriculum, it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice, or have been working on your art for years, and even taken lots of art lessons. You will learn things they don’t even teach in college level art courses and with methods completely unique to Dennas’ teaching sytem.

2. DRAWING – Learn to draw better with our 3 Steps to Accuracy. Learn basic perspective and facial anatomy. Practice different techniques in pencil, charcoal, and pen & ink. Discover simple tricks for drawing basic shapes that even famous artists don’t know about.

3. PAINTING – Practice all kinds of techniques, in watercolors and acrylics. Learn how to hold a brush for different effects. Understand how to bring your paintings to life and express yourself in your own way.

4. COLOR – Learn to mix any color by understanding how different pigments work together. Complete our 10 comprehensive Color Journals, each with up to 25 color mixes, Dennas created these journals, which follow his versatile palette of 10 pigments. Based on the French Impressionist’s color theory, he’s been coaching professional artists using this palette for over 30 years.

5. STYLE – Discover how to look at your work and know exactly what it needs. Learn the tried-and-true composition techniques used by every master artist. Find out what makes your work unique, and truly express yourself.

6. MENTORING – A critical aspect of teaching art is to nurture the artist’s self-confidence. How do you do that? What is the right thing to say when they don’t like their work? Art lessons normally tell you what to do, our lessons also help you know how to do it. Why does an artist make a bad face when you tell them how great their work is? Understanding how to encourage in a way that boosts confidence is all through our lessons – so you can give your young artists a stronger self-image.

7. HAPPY ARTIST! – Where your child will be at the end of the 72 Foundations Lessons.

The only thing you need to begin this journey, is a person who loves art.

Why does an artist make a bad face when you tell them how great their work is?

Dennas has years of experience mentoring artists, and he is one himself, so understanding what to say and how to say it, is part of his training for parents.

Anyone can teach our art lessons, even if you’re not an artist.

Homeschooling Art is designed to help you encourage, nurture, challenge, and delight your creative children at home. Kids of all ages and abilities are able to understand real art concepts and techniques. Why? Because we rewrote the book on art.

We took the complex and made it simple. We took abstract ideas and made them concrete. We took the mysteries out of art and made it clear and understandable.

Everything is explained and demonstrated for you. If you need it, there are videos you can show to make it even easier. Don’t know how to say something? There are Teaching Texts, which are dialogs you can read verbatim, or paraphrase in your own words. Need a reference that will lead to success? These are all provided in every lesson. All you need is a printer.

"I want this. My kids need quality art lessons"

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Dennas Davis, illustrator of the original Beginner’s Bible, talks about his homeschooling art curriculum.


Question: “Why did you create the website?”

Dennas: “I really wanted this curriculum to be used by as many families as possible, because I know how much it helps young artists. I first developed this for my own homeschooled children. We’ve been using it at my school, Firstlight Art Academy, in Nashville for 15 years. Over 2300 students have found out how wonderful learning and creating art can be. We absolutely know it works.”

Homeschooling Art founder, Dennas Davis, has illustratred over 25 children’s books with more than 5 million in print worldwide.


“The Art Instructor (Homeschooling Art) lessons took more than half my prep time away. There is peace of mind that all the details have been thought about and I can just do what I love to do the most, teach!”
Lauren Reese
Elementary Art Teacher

All About Our Supplies

Here’s a post in our EXTRAS section that goes through our entire recommended supply list, including a detailed explaination of each of our 10 pigments of acrylic paints. There’s even a printable pigment list PDF for you.

Working to make learning art more rewarding for homeschooling families.