My name is Dennas Davis.

I’m an artist.

I’m a dad.

I illustrated the original Beginner’s Bible, Betty Crocker’s Kids Cook, I The Fly, and more than 20 other children’s books – with 5 million in print worldwide.

I’ve worked with Disney, Forbes, Nabisco, and many other corporations, as a designer and illustrator. I was featured in the Art of Mickey Mouse Calendar and a book about ground-breaking digital artists.

I paint, draw, make prints, and sculpture.

When our children were young, we homeschooled them, and I began teaching them art. Later I found it easier to have classes with other kids too. This quickly grew into our Nashville art school, Firstlight Art Academy, where we train over 200 students every school year in weekly classes. We’ve been going at this endeavor since 2006, and have worked with over 2300 artists.

I didn’t develop a curriculum, I set out to develop artists. The curriculum that followed, is different than traditional art lessons in many ways.

We teach in ways designed just for kids. Students learn Drawing, Painting, Color, and Style, so they know everything they need to, but we also Mentor students. It’s a critical component to becoming a confident and happy artist. All of this is in our curriculum.

We’ve been working on making Homeschooling Art fun and easy for parents to use, so kids everywhere can get the same fantastic experience we have at Firstlight.

I could go on and on about all the details and ground-breaking methods that we use. But the best thing is for you to use a sample lesson and see for yourself. Our students improve and grow, gaining confidence and skills, so we know these lessons work. Try it out. Ask questions. Teach, train and mentor.

Our training course is almost finished too. This is where I show you how the lessons work, how to use them, and how to encourage artists in a way that truly creates joy and confidence.

Because the world needs happy artists!


Homeschooling Art is owned by Dennas Davis/Firstlight Art Academy

1710 Gen. George Patton Dr
Franklin, TN  37027