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Note from Dennas (our founder): Instead of a trial month for $1 we are now doing this as a free trial. Just haven’t changed the video yet.

Dream for a minute…

What If You Had

Fun but Challenging Projects

Step-By-Step Instructions

Printable Worksheets

Printable Reference Photos

Supply Checklists

Video Demos


National Standards

Learning Targets

Email for Administrators

Time Estimates


Art History

Pinterest Boards

Student Examples

Classroom Tips

Development Support

A Website to Communicate With Parents

That All Worked Together.

(And you didn’t have to do any of it.)

Teaching Tools

Lesson Plans

Engaged and
Happy Students

Much more than simple lesson plans

Hand-crafted by the folks at The Art Instructor
Like a three-legged stool, our art room curriculum has been built as a complete foundation for students, using three deeply connected principles.

Connect the Mind

Some lessons focus mostly
on understanding

Connect the Hand

Some lessons focus mostly on application and movement

Connect the Heart

Some lessons are mostly about fun and self-expression

Tested and refined for over 12 years in our classrooms, all of the lessons are arranged in an order that keeps students interested, without too much time spent on any one technique. So when you subscribe to The Art Instructor, you don’t have to worry about what to teach next week. You don’t have to prepare ideas. You don’t have to compose emails or figure out learning targets.

You have more time.
You have more weekends.

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“The Art Instructor lessons took more than half my prep time away. There is peace of mind that all the details have been thought about and I can just do what I love to do the most, teach!”
Lauren Reese
Elementary Art Teacher



Lesson plans and all resources right at your finger tips.

The entire lesson for the week is on one page, and right on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Be the teacher everyone talks about

Be Relaxed

Be Creative

Be Awesome

Be the hero!

Good design means easy teaching

Here are screen shots from the desktop version

Scoll through a list of lessons for each grade group.
Every lesson has National Standards you can download and email.
Table of contents is a Lesson-at-a-glace. Each step in the lesson has time estimates.
Lessons have a Ready, Set, Go! section, full of information to help you teach, including a printable checklist.
Each step is color coded, and clearly written, with timers, materials, and learning targets. PDFs, slideshows, video demos and graphics are included as needed.
Kids love learning when it’s fun and easy.

This Is Abstract

This Is Concrete

This Is Fun!

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From the founder

I’m Dennas Davis

An award-winning artist, designer, and children’s book illustrator, (with millions in print worldwide),

But I’m also an art teacher.

I’m confident in these lessons, because I’ve been working on them in my own classrooms for over 12 years. I know they work. Anything that hasn’t worked, we abandoned long ago. My art school has over 200 students a week, all school year long, with some coming for the entire 12 years we’ve been teaching. These kids don’t have to come here – they want to. We have had to make lessons that they enjoy. But more than that, we’ve made a curriculum that really teaches art. We’ve made all the abstract concepts concrete and easy for young people to understand.

The Art Instructor is unique, and it’s the kind of tested curriculum you just can’t find anywhere else.

It’s the best of what I learned way back in art school, combined with all the things I discovered as a professional artist; things no one ever taught me – but wish they had.

After creating this art teaching system, my staff and I have seen so many benefits:

• We’ve cut our lesson prep time by over 4 hours every week,
• We have instant access to hundreds of well-designed resources,
• My students love their awesome art classes!

I hope you’ll take us up on the free trial offer and see if you too, save tons of time. Again, the special deal for $33/month (15% off the regular price), is only good from our Facebook ad.

We also made the 30-day money-back guarantee, so it would be easy to try it out without actual risk. Even if you cancel, you’ll have gotten all those lessons for a month – for free!

The Art Instructor. Because the world needs happy artists.

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Making the art classroom more rewarding for teachers and their students.